Deadline: 31-Oct-21

PFAN is now accepting applications from projects and businesses in low- and middle-income countries.

Sectors & Technologies

PFAN works with projects in a variety of sectors and technologies working towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Agriculture & Agribusiness
  • Biodiversity & Eco-system Services
  • Clean Cooking
  • Clean Technology
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Climate Resilience Infrastructure
  • CoolingEnergy Efficiency & Demand Reduction
  • Energy Storage & Conservation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Rural Electrification & Energy Access
  • Tourism
  • Urban Resilience
  • Waste Treatment
  • Water & Sanitation

Funding Information

  • The investment amount, or investment ask, should lie between US$1 million and US$50 million. This may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.
  • ONLY for energy access and rural electrification projects (clean cook stoves, solar home systems, mini grids) an exception is made, and the investment ask can lie between US$500,000 and US$50 million. This too may be disbursed in smaller tranches as requested.

Examples of Eligible Projects

  • Projects and businesses which deploy clean and renewable energy and/or climate change technologies for productive uses;
  • Greenfield and brownfield utility projects, independent power producer and distributed generation projects (for both thermal and electrical energy);
  • Existing projects which are operating at small or pilot scale and which are ready for scale-up;
  • Projects which increase access to energy for remote communities, including rural electrification, off-grid and mini-grid projects, thermal energy and clean cooking solutions;
  • New or expanding business ventures in clean energy and related technologies, including downstream projects (focused on deployment of existing technologies) and upstream projects (focused on development and commercialisation of a new clean technology);
  • Mergers, acquisitions or joint ventures, which will add value to an existing clean energy / technology business.

Eligibility Criteria

  • PFAN accepts applications from projects and businesses in low- and middle-income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, Eastern Europe, Central America and the Caribbean Islands.
  • To be eligible for PFAN support, your project or business must:
    • provide climate change adaptation benefits and/or
    • offer or use clean energy technologies, products or services that fall within their areas of work.

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