OverviewComprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is a Tanzania​n​ health care organization ​which works to prevent disability, provide affordable medical and rehabilitative services, and aid empowerment of people with disabilities and their families.It also seeks to prevent disability through early identification by strengthening the maternal and newborn health system throughout Dar es Salaam.
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CCBRT seeks to recruit individuals who are passionate about serving people living with disabilities, as well as mothers and babies. Our staff are known for their expertise and compassionate approach, putting the patient first in everything we do. We foster a culture of improvement and innovation through staff collaboration and initiative.

3 Job Vacancies at CCBRT Tanzania

For full job descriptions just CLICK JOB TITLE YOU WANT BELOW TO DOWNLOAD PDF file and apply online via CCBRT system through the link at the end of this advert:-

3 New Job Vacancies at CCBRT, September 2021 (Download PDF Files)

You can submit your resume for consideration follow the link below and Apply today!

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