Deadline: 31-Oct-21

The Women in News (WIN) is pleased to launch the Social Impact Reporting Initiative (SIRI) for Climate Crisis Coverage to tell the story of how climate change is affecting vulnerable and at-risk groups in their communities.

SIRI aims to shine a light on at-risk or vulnerable communities while also providing short-term relief to journalists that are facing acute financial stress. Since its launch last year, in exceptional cases, SIRI has been expanded to provide exceptional financial support to journalists in response to political or environmental crises.SIRI Climate Change assignments are available to journalists of any medium, with the condition that they are no longer receiving a salary or, in the case of freelance journalists, have faced a loss of contract. The focus of the assignments should be on climate change, and its impact on vulnerable or at risk populations. All stories should be gender aware.

Funding Information

Journalists may apply for grants for assignments from EUR3,000. The amount requested by an individual should reflect the scope and length of the proposed assignment.

What type of assignment can I propose?

  • You can propose any type of story, or series of stories, reports, or features, in any format: (e.g. print, podcast, video etc.) You should aim to produce 4 stories or segments at minimum.
  • Assignments should carry a theme around the Climate Crisis, a defining theme of our time. Stories may focus on social, economic or health-related effects of the climate crisis at a local or national level.
  • Stories should be told through a gender lens and /or give an emphasis to segments of the population that are considered vulnerable or under-represented. This may be defined by gender, age, geography, racial or sexual identity, as well as economic status.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Sponsorship for reporting assignments through the Women in News Social Impact Reporting Initiative is available for women journalists who no longer have a regular income stream either due to loss of employment, or for freelancers, loss of contract.
  • You may not apply if you are currently receiving a salary, or have a full-time reporting contract in place.
  • Journalists from the following countries are eligible to apply:
  • Africa: Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  • Arab Region: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine
  • Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Vietnam

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