Deadline: 26-Jul-21

Women Fund Tanzania Trust (WFT-Trust) is seeking applications for its Promotion of Women, Girls, and Children’s Rights through Implementation Support.

Under this call, for proposal WFT Trust will sub-grant key eligible stakeholders and implementers of EVAWC interventions under the NPA VAWC framework in Shinyanga District Council to achieve coordinated, collaborative, inclusive, and impactful NPA VAWC implementation outcomes in a systematic approach to violence prevention in the District.

Grant funds can also be applied under this call for processes within NPA VAWC implementation interventions from the NPA VAWC framework. Such interventions could be aimed at increasing ownership and capacities of Local Government Authorities actors and others (such as Community Based Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other invested stakeholders) for promoting more effective mechanisms that ensure participation of communities in the implementation structures of the National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children.

WFT Trust expects the grant to address interventions based on the following:

  • To address community issues related to NPA VAWC as well as to ensure strong links between the problem to be addressed and the strategies and anticipated results (measurable) anticipated from the project
  • Demonstrated sustainability, innovation, replicability and the potential to scale up
  • To reflect efforts towards building partnerships between children’s and women’s rights organizations in different sectors of the movement with the purpose of forming/ strengthening functional networks, coalitions, and platforms
  • Increase ownership and capacities of NPA VAWC processes and structures within Shinyanga District Council
  • To promote strategies towards strengthening women’s and children’s rights movements

Funding Information

  • Small scale window
    • Amount of grant (TSH 10,000,000 – TSH 15,000,000)
    • Duration (0 – 3 months)
    • Eligibility – Organizations or institutions implementing and support intervention within the NPA-VAWC framework qualify to apply for the grant for short term interventions.
  • Medium scale window
    • Amount of grant (TSH 16,000,000 – TSH 50,000,000)
    • Duration (6 months to 1 year)
    • Eligibility – Organizations implementing and support interventions within the NPA-VAWC framework qualify to apply for the grant for medium term interventions

Eligibility Criteria

  • Community based Organizations/Groups with legal entities operating within Shinyanga District council
  • Community based Organizations/Groups with a proven track record of implementing interventions within NPA VAWC framework in Shinyanga district Council
  • Community based Organizations/Groups who share their aspiration of contributing towards the elimination of discriminatory gender inequalities’ practices and processes through ending violence against women and children, and whose work fits within their identified thematical areas.
  • Other legal entities with a mandate to support and/or oversee NPA VAWC implementation within Shinyanga District Council

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