Makambako is a medium-sized town and ward in the Njombe Region of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands, located roughly 40 miles north of Njombe city by road. It is located at junction of the A104 and B4 roads between Njombe, Iringa, and Mbeya. Its population according to the 2002 Tanzanian census is 51,049.

Makambako was visited by Paul Theroux who in his book Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town described it not as a town but “a collection of hovels on stretch of paved road where idle people sat or stood.”

The town of Makambako has seen fast development. As a result, the northwest Wabena are advocating for Makambako to become its own district.

Names Called for Interview NJOMBE at MAKAMBAKO Town Council, 2021
Today we announce names called for interview at Makambako Town Council. Read carefully all names called for interview by downloading PDF File attached..
KU- CHECK ORODHA KAMILI YA MAJINA YOTE NA MAELEZO YA ZIADA, BONYEZA LINK HAPA CHINI KU- DOWNLOAD PDF FILE…..Follow link below to download PDF file which contain all names and additional information….

Released Today 06th July, 2021.DOWNLOAD PDF FILE HERE!

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