Deadline: 8 March 2019
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking concept papers from qualified applicants. This Annual Program Statement (APS) publicizes the intention of the United States Government (USG), as represented by the USAID, Bureau for Global Health (GH), to fund one or multiple awards to address TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention needs, addressing stigma and discrimination, while using locally generated solutions that tailor USAID’s TB response to patients and communities.
This APS provides prospective applicants with a fair opportunity to develop and submit competitive applications to USAID for potential funding. Applicants will first submit a Concept Paper that will be reviewed for responsiveness to the purpose of the APS. Concept Papers will be evaluated against the merit review. Applicants who are successful in the Concept Paper stage will be invited to join a co-creation process. Following the co-creation process, selected applicants (individual organizationsand/or consortia developed during co-creation) will be requested to submit a full application, the content and format to be provided in greater detail by the Agreement Officer.

The purpose of the TB Local Organizations Network (LON) project is to support the prevention, care, and treatment of TB in USAID TB priority countries. LON, a key component of the USAID TB Portfolio’s journey to self-reliance, will partner with local stakeholders and implement locally generated solutions focusing on country empowerment and accountability to improve TB services and leverage additional resources in USAID priority TB countries. LON will build on the capacity and available resources of local institutions to achieve self-reliance of national TB programs. By partnering directly with local institutions and organizations to implement locally generated solutions, LON will maximize the potential impact of USAID resources to make sustainable improvements in TB services by shifting accountability and ownership to local stakeholders.

LON activities will be conducted in the USAID TB priority countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) and regional platforms (Central Asia and East Africa). LON awards will partner directly with organizations based in the USAID TB priority countries.

Strategic Objectives and Outcomes
All LON activities will aim to fulfil the main purpose and achieve the stated goals by contributing to one or more of the project’s four intermediate results (IRs):

  • IR 1: Improved access to high-quality, person-centered TB, DR-TB, and TB/HIV services
  • IR 2: TB service delivery platforms strengthened
  • IR 3: TB disease transmission and progression reduced
  • IR 4: TB research and innovations accelerated with improved impact on program implementation

Funding Information

  • Subject to funding availability and discretion of the Agency, USAID intends to provide up to $300,000,000 in total funding, with a minimum of $1,000,000 for individual awards not to exceed a five year period of performance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Local non-governmental entities are eligible to submit a concept paper. USAID welcomes concept papers/applications from organizations which have not previously received financial assistance from USAID.
  • Only local organizations as defined below are eligible for award. USAID defines a “local entity” as an individual, a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or another body of persons that:
  • Is legally organized under the laws of; and
  • Has as its principal place of business or operations in; and
  • Is majority owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of; and
  • Is managed by a governing body the majority of who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the country receiving assistance.
  • For purposes of this section, ‘majority owned’ and ‘managed by’ include, without limitation, beneficiary interests and the power, either directly or indirectly, whether exercised or exercisable, to control the election, appointment, or tenure of the organization’s managers or a majority of the organization’s governing body by any means.
  • The recipients must be responsible entities and must have the necessary organizational experience, accounting, operational controls and technical skills, or ability to obtain them in order to achieve the objectives of the project and comply with the terms and conditions of the award.
  • Concept papers from organizations that do not meet the above eligibility criteria will not be reviewed and evaluated. Individuals are not eligible to apply for this APS.

How to Apply

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